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zSpace Ranks #143 on the Inc. 500 List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies
August 18, 2016

Iowa Vocational Implements Virtual Reality Technology for Teens and Adults With Special Needs
August 03, 2016

Students at 400 U.S. School Districts Head Back to School to Learn with zSpace Virtual Reality
August 02, 2016

zSpace Working With Google Expeditions to Create Virtual Reality Classroom Experiences
June 27, 2016

Human Anatomy Comes to Life in 3D Through New Partnership Between Visible Body and zSpace
June 27, 2016

zSpace Screen VR Now Helps CA Elementary Students Overcome Learning, Language Barriers
June 07, 2016

New Research Reveals Experienced Teachers are More Open to Using New Technology
March 23, 2016

zSpace Virtual Reality Helps Rhode Island School Students Build Career Skills
March 08, 2016

zSpace Announces Virtual Reality Math Now Available to Hundreds of Thousands of Students
February 03, 2016

zSpace Introduces Virtual Reality Experience for the Family
January 04, 2016

zSpace Prepares Students for Workforce of the Future With Growing Library of STEM Activities
November 10, 2015

150 Seat Virtual Reality Lab Unveiled at Aston University in the United Kingdom
September 11, 2015

zSpace and Leopoly Partner to Transform School Makerspaces and STEAM Labs
September 01, 2015

Students at Georgia Title I Flourish When Learning With Virtual Reality
August 04, 2015

zSpace and WINNER Technology to Deliver Real World Virtual Reality Solution to China
July 21, 2015

zSpace Wins ISTE Best in Show Award for Second Consecutive Year
July 08, 2015

zSpace and Corinth Announce Partnership to Bring Immersive Digital Learning Solution to Schools
June 29, 2015

zSpace Unveils World’s First All-in-One Virtual Reality Solution for Education
June 29, 2015

San Jose School District Breaks Down Learning Barriers With Virtual Reality Technology
June 17, 2015

Real World Virtual Reality Transforms STEM Education at New York School District
June 11, 2015

Science Fiction Becomes Reality as Thousands of Students Learn With Real World Virtual Reality
March 12, 2015

zSpace Wins Tech & Learning Magazine’s 2014 Award of Excellence
November 18, 2014

zSpace STEM Lab Awarded 3D Education Product of the Year
September 24, 2014

The Future is Now in Classrooms Around the Country With the Ultimate Immersive Learning Experience
September 03, 2014

zSpace & NGRAIN Partner to Develop Virtual Reality DICOM Viewer for Immersive Medical Visualization
August 12, 2014

zSpace Showcases New Immersive STEM Education Platform for K-12 Learners at ISTE 2014
June 29, 2014

Students in CMU’s Entertainment Technology Graduate Program Create 3-D Immersive Games
June 04, 2014

University of Tokyo Partners with zSpace, Inc. to Deliver Immersive Sensor and Gesture Technology
May 21, 2014

zSpace Enhances Virtual Anatomy Training
May 20, 2014

zSpace Named a “Cool Vendor 2014” by Gartner, Inc.
May 07, 2014

zSpace and NIAR Transform 3D Training and Learning
April 28, 2014

Los Altos School District Students Engage in Immersive Learning With Interactive 3D Learning Station
February 25, 2014

Fovia and zSpace Collaborate to Provide High Definition Volume Rendering® on Immersive 3D Platform
December 02, 2013

zSpace, Inc. Named as CES Innovations 2014 Design and Engineering Award Honoree
November 12, 2013

Free Registration Now Open for Limited Time to Attend zCon East
October 16, 2013

Education Industry Veteran Ron Rheinheimer Joins zSpace as Advisor for Education Market
September 17, 2013

zSpace and Dassault Systemes Transform 3D Training and Learning
September 10, 2013

zSpace, Inc. Showcases 3D Platform for Biotechnology and Molecular Modeling at ACS
September 09, 2013

zSpace, Inc. Partners With TechViz, Delivers Enhanced 3D Visualization
July 23, 2013

zSpace to Unveil zView at SIGGRAPH 2013
July 17, 2013

zSpace, Inc. and Cyber-Anatomy Showcase New 3D Education Platform at ISTE 2013
June 23, 2013

zSpace Partnership with Siemens PLM Software Delivers Enhanced 3D Visualization Solution
June 03, 2013

zSpace Partners with CEI to Deliver Immersive CFD/CSM Post Processing and Visualization Solutions
May 29, 2013

zSpace, Inc. Named American Technology Award Finalist
May 07, 2013

Lumiscaphe Announces Software Package for zSpace
April 24, 2013

zSpace, Inc. and Mechdyne Announce trackd Support
April 24, 2013

WorldViz Announces Vizard Support for zSpace
April 24, 2013

zSpace, Inc. Announces International Availability of zSpace
April 23, 2013

Stanford University School of Medicine Joins zSpace’s Academic Advisory Council
April 23, 2013

zSpace Announces Platform Support for PyMOL and Avogadro
April 23, 2013

zSpace, Cyber-Anatomy, and Touro College Announce Virtual Training Center
April 22, 2013

zSpace, Inc. Announces Next Generation zEST Software
April 22, 2013

zSpace, Inc. Joins Microsoft BizSpark
April 22, 2013

Jon Landau to Deliver Keynote at zSpace Inc.’s zCon 2013
April 09, 2013

zSpace, Inc. Showcases Immersive 3D Platform at the 2013 Game Developers Conference
March 27, 2013

zSpace to Demonstrate at GPU Technology Conference
March 19, 2013

zSpace and EchoPixel Partner to Develop Clinical Protocol for Cancer Detection
March 13, 2013

zSpace, Inc. Introduces zCon 2013 – Free Registration Now Open
February 13, 2013

zSpace, Inc. to Showcase its Immersive 3D Platform at Solidworks World
December 12, 2012

zSpace to Host a Bay Area Unity User Group Meeting
December 10, 2012

zSpace to Demonstrate at I/ITSEC
December 03, 2012

zSpace to Demonstrate at RSNA
November 26, 2012

zSpace Launches zSpace Developer Community
November 19, 2012

zSpace Wins Gold for Best New Product of the Year
November 15, 2012

zSpace Announces Partnerships to Drive 3D Big Data Visualization
November 08, 2012

zSpace Announces Academic Advisory Council
October 24, 2012

zSpace Honored in the 4th Annual 2012 Golden Bridge Awards for Technology Innovation
October 10, 2012

zSpace Announces Support for Unity
October 09, 2012

EON Reality Partners with zSpace to Provide Intuitive and Immersive Realistic Interaction
October 03, 2012

Aerospace Industry Introduced to zSpace During 2012 SAE Conference
September 18, 2012

zSpace to Demonstrate zSpace at SIGGRAPH 2012
August 03, 2012

zSpace to be Demonstrated at 2012 Esri International User Conference
July 24, 2012

zSpace Appoints VP of Hardware Engineering to Accelerate Product Development
July 27, 2012

zSpace Showcases Virtual-holographic 3D Imagery with NX Software at PLM World
May 08, 2012

zSpace and Applied Systems and Technology Transfer Partner to Stimulate STEM Education
March 13, 2012

zSpace Debuts zSpace 3D Holographic Experience to Gaming Community at GDC
March 07, 2012

zSpace Showcases Technical Proof of zSpace Running on Dassault Systèmes 3D Technology at SWW
February 13, 2012

zSpace Adds Influential Outside Directors to Board
February 07, 2012

zSpace Launches zSpace at Autodesk University
November 29, 2011

zSpace Strengthens Executive Team; Appoints Joseph Powers as CFO
December 20, 2011


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