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zSpace to Demonstrate zSpace at SIGGRAPH 2012


Immersive 3D holographic experience displayed for international computer graphics and interactive technology community

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA — August 3, 2012 — Infinite Z, Inc.®, a technology provider that enables virtual-holographic 3D imagery to bring designs to life, today announced it will be demonstrating its interactive digital platform, zSpace, during SIGGRAPH 2012. The conference, being held from August 5-9 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, brings together an international group of computer graphics and interactive technology professionals.

“We are excited to bring the virtual-holographic experience of zSpace to an event where some of the most prominent and innovative members of the computer graphics and interactive technology community gather,” said Paul Kellenberger, CEO of Infinite Z. “With zSpace, we can change the way designers use and interact with computer designs, and what better place to do it than at a show like SIGGRAPH, where disruptive and new techniques are fostered and encouraged.”

The computer graphics and interactive technology market sees continual advancements due to new technology and technique improvements that are introduced every day. From the  mainstream adoption of 3D technology to innovative gaming platforms, computer graphics and interactive professionals have an incredible opportunity to lead the industry forward and create  an unforgettable experience for end users.

zSpace will be on display at the Infinite Z booth, 235, and the following partner booth:

Dassault Systèmes / 3DVIA, Booth 951
3DVIA is a software brand of Dassault Systèmes, the 3DEXPERIENCE Company, providing  business and people with virtual universes to imagine sustainable innovations. The demo being  shown at SIGGRAPH showcases a conceptual experience of 3DVIA Composer content running  on Infinite Z’s zSpace. It enables attendees to participate in a highly vivid experience interacting  with CAD models. Users can replay animations of procedures and even grab parts with the  tracked stylus to better understand the working mechanisms of the model. It is based on the  workflow between the commercially available 3DVIA Composer and 3DVIA Studio Pro products, as well as the standard Immersive Virtuality (iV) features of 3DVIA Studio Pro.

“Thanks to the power and simplicity of the Sensorial User in Interaction (SUI) approach, a stunning prototype, like the one we are demonstrating at SIGGRAPH, can be developed in a  few days,” said David Nahon, Immersive Virtuality (iV) Domain Leader – Virtual and Augmented  Reality Technologies and User Experience for Dassault Systèmes. “We are expecting users at  SIGGRAPH to give 3DVIA and Infinite Z insights on the joint value of Composer on zSpace experience. We are convinced that such new experiences are tomorrows’ standards.”

About Infinite Z, Inc.
Infinite Z, Inc. is a digital design technology provider that enables natural interaction with  virtual-holographic 3D imagery to bring designs to life. The company’s mission is to transform  human interactions with today’s computing environment into an incredibly lifelike, interactive and immersive experience. Its revolutionary platform, zSpace, provides a highly realistic  visualization experience that enables designers and engineers to directly interact with virtual  holographic simulations as if they were real physical objects, which accelerates the design and  development process and increases productivity. Infinite Z is a privately held, venture backed  company located in Mountain View, CA, and has filed more than 30 patents for its innovative  technologies. For additional information about zSpace, visit http://zspace.com

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