Research projects with leading universities working with zSpace to learn, create and discover how to solve the world's problems.

University Collaboration

Collaboration Application

Here is a list research projects that zSpace is collaborating with or has collaborated in the past. Do you think you have a project or research program that might be of interest to zSpace? Please tell us about it by completing a collaboration application.

  • Understanding the Benefits of Interactive Stereo Displays for Spatial Problem Solving

    Executive Summary of the Project The ongoing research examines spatial problem solving in three educational domains: engineering, chemistry, and biology. More specifically, Wellesley is designing, implementing, and evaluating the following interfaces: 1) zPuzzle – a game which requires players to dismantle complex 3D structures; 2) …

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  • PyMOL and Coot Integration

    Executive Summary of the Project Remo Rohs’ laboratory studies the role of structural properties in protein-DNA recognition and its consequences in biological processes such as transcription, genome organization, embryonic development, and human cancer. Visualization of three- dimensional structure is a key aspect of Dr. Rohs’ …

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  • Dynamic 3D Stereo Visualization of Physics Concepts through a Hybrid Stylus Interface

    Executive Summary of the Project We propose to develop a prototype application that lets students explore various physics concepts that are inherently 3D in nature (e.g., torque, electromagnetism, etc…). Our goal is to let users write down mathematical equations on the zSpace surface with the …

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