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  • zSpace Studio

    zSpace Studio

    zSpace Studio is made for exploration. Thousands of models and tools to measure, dissect and compare.

  • zSpace Newton’s Park

    zSpace Newton’s Park

    A physics playground designed for investigation: Design, build, run and analyze experiments to explore Newton’s laws.

  • Franklin’s Lab

    Franklin’s Lab

    Build circuits and troubleshoot broken circuits in a rich simulation environment.

  • Leopoly 3D

    Leopoly 3D

    Leopoly introduces students to 3D creation and helps them to create, customize and prepare digital objects for 3D printing.

  • Cyber Science

    Cyber Science

    Cyber Science™ is a 3D interactive science software for learning and exploring natural anatomy and mechanical structures.

  • zSpace zView

    zSpace zView

    zView allows you to share your zSpace screen to a secondary monitor.

  • Human Anatomy Atlas for zSpace

    Human Anatomy Atlas for zSpace

    Human Anatomy Atlas by Visible Body is an award-winning human anatomy general reference.

  • zSpace Euclid’s Shapes

    zSpace Euclid’s Shapes

    Rainbow Cubes, Fraction Bars, Pattern Blocks, Base 10 Blocks and Square Tiles for creating math learning experiences.

  • GeoGebra


    GeoGebra brings together geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, statistics and calculus in one simple package.

  • zSpace Curie’s Elements

    zSpace Curie’s Elements

    This interactive periodic table has Bohr and atomic models of each element and an atom builder and learning activities.

  • zSpace Missile Defense

    zSpace Missile Defense

    Inspired by the classic Missile Command arcade game, Missile Defense is an example of a true 3D game.

  • zSpace Aquarium

    zSpace Aquarium

    Your virtual aquarium can be left running when you aren’t using your zSpace.

  • zSpace Tennis

    zSpace Tennis

    Dominate your opponent in this VR version of Pong.

  • zSpace Planet Attack

    zSpace Planet Attack

    Conquer the Galaxy in the game of planetary control.


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