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  • zSpace Studio

    zSpace Studio

    zSpace Studio is made for exploration. Thousands of models and tools to measure, dissect and compare.

  • zSpace Newton’s Park

    zSpace Newton’s Park

    A physics playground designed for investigation: Design, build, run and analyze experiments to explore Newton’s laws.

  • zSpace Franklin’s Lab

    zSpace Franklin’s Lab

    Build circuits and troubleshoot broken circuits in a rich simulation environment.

  • Leopoly 3D

    Leopoly 3D

    Leopoly introduces students to 3D creation and helps them to create, customize and prepare digital objects for 3D printing.

  • VIVED Science

    VIVED Science

    Vived Science™ (formerly Cyber Science 3D) by Vived Learning is a 3D interactive science software for learning and exploring natural anatomy and mechanical structures.

  • zSpace zView

    zSpace zView

    zView allows you to share your zSpace screen to a secondary monitor. Launch zView from within the zSpace application for quick sharing of your screen content in Augment Reality or Standard view.

  • Human Anatomy Atlas for zSpace

    Human Anatomy Atlas for zSpace

    Use the Human Anatomy Atlas for independent student research and to aid in developing accurate mental models of the human body and how its parts relate to each other. Muscular movement animations provide insight into how the muscular system moves the skeleton.

  • zSpace Euclid’s Shapes

    zSpace Euclid’s Shapes

    Euclid’s Shapes offers learning activities with math manipulatives and provides access to manipulatives for teachers to guide math learning. Engage with Base 10 blocks, Rainbow Cubes (which can also be snap cubes), Square Tiles, Pattern Blocks and Fraction Bars in zSpace today!

  • GeoGebra


    GeoGebra brings together geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, statistics and calculus in one simple package.

  • zSpace Curie’s Elements

    zSpace Curie’s Elements

    This interactive periodic table has Bohr and atomic (orbital) models of each element, visualization of trends in the periodic table, an atom builder and learning activities. Details for each element are also included.

  • zSpace Missile Defense

    zSpace Missile Defense

    Inspired by the classic Missile Command arcade game, Missile Defense is an example of a true 3D game.

  • zSpace Aquarium

    zSpace Aquarium

    Your virtual aquarium can be left running when you aren’t using your zSpace.

  • zSpace Tennis

    zSpace Tennis

    Dominate your opponent in this VR version of Pong.

  • zSpace Planet Attack

    zSpace Planet Attack

    Conquer the Galaxy in the game of planetary control.

  • Virtual ECG

    Virtual ECG

    Virtual ECG by Vizitech USA is created to train students in ECG electrode placement, heart lead regions, and heart conditions. It leverages a rare convergence of medical knowledge and advanced visualization to bring clear insight into the education and science of 12-lead electrocardiography (ECG).


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