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3 Reasons for High School Dropouts


Some call it “The Silent Epidemic,” others refer to it as a crisis; today we’re talking about the high school dropout problem.

It is estimated 1.2 million students drop out of high school in the United States every year.  

Principal at Marcellus (New York) High School John Durkee explains, "I know what kind of job and existence awaits those students, and I want more for them than they want for themselves." Making up to $1 million less than those with a college degree, dropouts are more likely to fall into a cycle of crime and experience poorer health. Yet students leave school without realizing how this decision affects the rest of their lives.

To increase student retention rate it is crucial to examine what drives students to drop out of school. Here are 3 of the top reasons:

Poor academic achievement
Poor academic achievement can blind a child to his or her potential and make succeeding seem impossible.

47% of dropouts said they were bored at school because lessons did not seem relevant to them. Former Executive Editor of Edutopia, Roberta Furger writes, “Instruction that takes students into the broader community provides opportunities for all students -- especially experiential learners -- to connect to academics in a deeper, more powerful way.”

Lack of resources and support at home  
Students come from varying backgrounds; some do not have access to the same resources as others do at home. Without bridging the gap, students may not have the opportunity to succeed and may be more prone to drop out.  

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