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3 Signs Students are Ready for College

3 Signs Students are Ready for College

Do your students meet the mark? In today’s fast-changing, knowledge-based economy, jobs are increasingly requiring critical thinking, creativity and ability to think on your feet-- as well as a college degree. Getting into a top college is one thing, but being prepared for its demands is a whole other ballgame. Make sure your students are ready to conquer college and the world beyond!

Here are 3 signs that students are college ready:

They fail and try, try, and try again
When students struggle through difficult material and fail a few times along the way, they are honest about the failure and learn to not give up. Learning through repeated experimentation helps students develop confidence in their own creative problem-solving approaches. College level work demands persistence and resilience.

They are engrossed in the subject matter  
Questioning and debating are signs that students are engaged in subject matter and willing to apply their knowledge in different ways. College courses demand this type of concentration and critical thinking.

They embrace collaboration
Working together stimulates ideas and encourages debates that can foster better understanding of complex material. Great ideas could be left untapped unless everyone is listening and bouncing thoughts off of each other.

zSpace has proven to develop these skills. According to Duke University professor Maurizio Forte, "zSpace can help enhance today's high school curriculum so students will come in to the university prepared to: creatively solve problems in the context of continuously changing circumstances, see beyond the facts, investigate and propose solutions to non-routine problems."

See how zSpace helps students get ready for college and become prepared for the challenges of the 21st century.


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