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Moreau Catholic HS Discovers Flexible Science EdTech Solution

Moreau Catholic HS Discovers Flexible Science EdTech Solution

Moreau Catholic High School is located in Hayward, California, just across the bay from a technology hot spot. The administration is dedicated to keeping up with the innovative technologies of the Silicon Valley and utilizing them to elevate learning. In an increasingly digital world, Moreau is committed to educating students who will grow to be innovative and courageous members of society.

In some cases, teachers were already using advanced technologies in the classroom, but teachers wanted something a little more versatile. Kerrie Gibson, the science department chair, discovered zSpace in her search for a solution.

“I did a demo at our school and everyone loved it. What we especially liked was the versatility. It covers tons of subjects. It’s constantly being updated, and teachers can be creative and build their own lessons.”

As a result of this demonstration, Gibson coordinated a zSpace room containing 24 zSpace units. This room is utilized by nearly every one of Moreau’s 1,000 students as a part of their science classes. 

Not only are students learning more, they are also learning better. Physics classes used to be limited by the physical constraints of the real world. Using zSpace, students are able to conduct better experiments in which they have complete control over the variables. In their anatomy class, students are able to explore the human body in a groundbreaking way. Gibson says zSpace is inciting a curiosity for science in her classrooms, pushing students to “apply their knowledge at a higher level.” As a result, students are having discussions about what they learn and why it matters in the real world.

At the moment, teachers are using the pre-loaded lessons and assessments that accompany zSpace. This summer, teachers plan to take the units home with them and create their own lessons; eventually, she hopes for students to create their own lessons as well.

“The administration really supports this technology because they can see how it’s going to evolve and what it’s adding to the school,” she said. “It’s a versatile tool, and I’m looking forward to see how else we can use it.” (Reilly Dennedy) 


Learn more about how Moreau Catholic High School uses zSpace in this free case study.

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