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Get Social with Screen Based Virtual Reality

Get Social with Screen Based Virtual Reality

Though they can provide jaw-dropping and immersive experiences, head mounted display VR and AR products such as Oculus Rift and HTC’s Vive have sparked concerns of technology’s social impact.

Due to their restrictive headsets, these new technologies do not allow for users to communicate and interact with others. Users are virtually cut off from the world around them and are placed into new, simulated realities. This type of isolation surely will not help instill social skills such as verbal communication or body language cues in kids.

zSpace, however, is a screen based virtual reality system that can provide awe-inspiring experiences, while still allowing students the ability to work together, communicate, and interact.

For more on the social benefits of zSpace, watch CTO Dave Chavez, discuss how zSpace is different from other VR and AR solutions.

zSpace CTO Dave Chavez discusses the social benefits of screen based virtual reality system, zSpace.

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