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A New Type of Automotive Shop Class

A New Type of Automotive Shop Class

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that many of the fastest growing jobs by 2022 will be in career and technical education (CTE) fields. In order to prepare students for careers in these fast growing fields, many schools are investing more time and resources into CTE courses. Sometimes this includes the introduction of education technology like mixed reality to supplement standard classroom experiences.

One such course that is benefiting from new educational technology is automotive shop class. Shop class has long been a staple course offering in many schools, but new technology can help bring shop class experiences to more students. Mixed reality technology, a combination of virtual and augmented reality, gives students hands-on, practical experiences prior to training on real automobiles. Other benefits of using mixed reality include:

  • Risks typically associated with shop class are minimized.

  • Space is saved by not requiring physical automobiles.

  • The consumption of physical materials is limited.

  • Students can practice again and again!

The zSpace team announced at the 2017 ISTE Conference & Expo the release of a new automotive training application. The GTA Virtual Automotive Training uses zSpace’s mixed reality environment to give students hands-on experience with all of the essentials of auto mechanics as they explore and repair engines, the clutch, transmissions, the powertrain system, wheels and axles, suspensions, and steering and brake systems. Schools that have limited space, access to automotive materials or safety concerns are now able to offer a new type of shop class to a wider range of students.

Read the full press release about the new GTA Virtual Automotive Training application for more information.

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