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Benefits of 3D Technology in Health Career Prep

Benefits of 3D Technology in Health Career Prep

3D technology is great learning tool making its way into classrooms and learning centers all over the world. There are many benefits to using 3D technology, like mixed reality, in health career preparation.

Here are some of the benefits to using 3D technology in health career preparation, and what medical professionals, students, and educators all have to say about using this type of technology:

- Viewing anatomy in 3D is more realistic. "The heart, and human anatomy in general, is a 3-dimensional concept. What better way to understand a 3-dimensional structure than by seeing it in 3 dimensions?" said Pediatric Cardiologist Dr. Kavin Desai. Unlike 2D images and diagrams, 3D visualization presents information exactly like the anatomy.

- Access to materials otherwise unavailable to most students. It’s not always possible to provide students with real specimens or work environments. 3D technology is the next best thing!  “A lot of us don’t have the opportunity to go into an operating room and, you know, see a live surgery....It’s hands-on training for those who don’t have access to going into an operating room to see these things,” says Serrano High School student, Sienna.      

- Provides real-world learning scenarios to prepare students for future careers. “We’re a Title I school so what we’re trying to do is provide the best technology for these students. We want to use technologies that will help them to gain industry certifications,” said Boynton Beach Community High School (BBCHS) principal Fred Barch. Students at BBCHS use 3D technology to prepare for certifications as EKG technicians, emergency medical responders, medical assistants and more.

- Improved learning outcomes. Both quantitative and qualitative results demonstrate improvements in learning outcomes when 3D technology is used. Research out of North Carolina State University found that students reported improved science process skills and understandings of the nature of science after using zSpace 3D technology. Serrano High School Medical Pathway Teacher Jayne Harrower would agree, saying that her students “have a hard time with diagrams on their tests for medical terminology. So looking at Visible Body, and having them work with that, they are remembering exactly where parts go, and that's improving test scores."

3D technology is a beneficial learning tool for students at all points on their pathway to preparing for careers in the health field. How would you use this type of technology with your students?


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