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Even Educators are Learning New Things with Mixed Reality

Even Educators are Learning New Things with Mixed Reality

Students at Snowline Joint Unified School District are learning human anatomy with mixed reality in their medical courses. The mixed reality technology uses software called Human Anatomy Atlas by Visible Body to teach human anatomy in a way that is impossible with traditional textbooks and diagrams. The students are able to explore the body in 3-dimensions, giving them a better understanding of how the body’s systems move and work together.

And it’s not just students that are benefiting from the use of new educational technology in their courses. By seeing human anatomy content in a new way, even educators are learning new things! Matt Wells, the Career Technical Education Coordinator, said, “I know that my jaw moves, but I didn’t really understand how. And I feel that in just a few seconds of playing around [with Visible Body], I have a much deeper understanding of that.”

See what else Matt Wells had to say about using Visible Body in the classroom in this short video:



Watch this video to hear from other educators and students to learn more about how Snowline Joint Unified School District is using Visible Body.

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