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Hands-On Preparation for the Workplace

Hands-On Preparation for the Workplace

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that some of the fastest growing jobs are in fields like healthcare, welding, automotive mechanics and animal care. To help prepare students for careers in these fields, many schools are offering Career & Technical Education (CTE) courses that provide realistic, hands-on preparation for the workplace.

Advance CTE writes that in the United States “about 12.5 million high school and college students are enrolled in CTE,” and these courses prepare “learners for the world of work by introducing them to workplace competencies, and makes academic content accessible to students by providing it in a hands-on context.”

Virtual training can be a powerful supplement to CTE courses that require skills like dissection, mechanics, circuitry, and more. Tools like zSpace, which uses elements of virtual, augmented and mixed reality, allow students access to realistic, virtual learning environments. While not meant to be a substitute for working with real materials, a virtual environment gives students hands-on practice with a skill or technique until they feel confident and comfortable performing it.  

Today zSpace prepares students for careers with applications designed to provide interactive, hands-on learning experiences. These applications provide training in a variety of fields, such as

  • Allied Health training, including:
    • Interactive dissection and high quality visualization with VIVED Anatomy and VIVED Volume
    • Encyclopedic reference and self-study quiz questions with Visible Body’s Human Anatomy Atlas
    • ECG practice with Vizitech ECG
  • Hands-on training with welding procedures from MIMBUS NG WAVE
  • Detailed interactive dissections for large and small animal sciences with VIVED Science
  • Automotive training with the Automotive VR Training System by GTA, including:
    • Automotive assembly and disassembly with GTAFE VR Automotive Mechanic
    • 3D interactive study guide for automotive training with GTAFE VR Automotive Expert

What other areas of study would benefit from virtual training? Would you use a virtual training tool like zSpace in your courses?


Learn more about zSpace's offerings for CTE here

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