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Is testing the biggest obstacle to teaching?

Is testing the biggest obstacle to teaching?

Does Common Core testing in your district have you pulling out your hair? You are not alone. The implementation of Common Core State Standards has teachers nationwide scrambling to figure out ways to effectively teach their students while still meeting the set criteria.

By adopting the Common Core State Standards, states intended to raise education standards to prepare students for college and beyond. However, with the looming threat of standardized student tests, creating curriculum that serves the needs of the students while also aligning to standards poses a challenge for educators.

Fearing to deviate from test-centric curriculum could lead to neglecting the nurturing of the most critical 21st century skills. In addition, different learning styles and needs could be placed on the back burner in order to follow this standardized model of education.

In light of this challenge, educators still find ways to foster 21st century skills in all students within existing curriculum. For example, public schools across New York city incorporate Hamilton, the highly engaging broadway musical, into their history curriculum. Carmen Fariña, head of the New York City Department of Education, says of the program, “Our students are living history at the theater through this transformative and powerful experience.” Offering first-hand experiences of Alexander Hamilton’s story to students makes American History come alive.

Similarly, zSpace VR ignites curiosity and enhances educational experiences, while aligning to Common Core standards. Activities and curriculum in subjects ranging from Biology and Math to Social Science and Anatomy give students a broad range of immersive learning experiences, allowing kids of diverse backgrounds and learning styles to develop deep understandings of concepts.

Boasting a library of more than 700 models and tools, the zSpace Studio gallery of lesson plans and activities is sure to liven up your classroom and help students, not only survive, but thrive in Common Core.

Watch this video to see how zSpace is used in Houston Independent School District to bring learning to life, while aligning lessons to Common Core Standards.

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