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Mixed Reality and the Education Market

Mixed Reality and the Education Market

By now, you have probably heard of virtual reality and augmented reality. But there is a new term that is becoming increasingly popular - mixed reality.

A recent market analysis from Technavio forecasts that the “global mixed reality market in the education sector is set to grow at a CAGR of over 90% until 2021.”

So what is mixed reality, and what does it mean for the educators?

The report writes that the concept of mixed reality “is a mix between VR and AR technologies. It enables students to enter a virtual environment that is overlaid on the physical environment.” Mixed reality technology can be used by educators to expose students to interactive and immersive experiences that are not always possible in a traditional classroom. As mixed reality technology and content offerings expand, more and more students will have the opportunity to learn with mixed reality.

zSpace mixed reality is one such product in the mixed reality education space. Designed to be used by multiple students at one time, zSpace helps to encourage student collaboration and increase student engagement. In an interview with the Silicon Valley Business Journal, zSpace CEO Paul Kellenberger said, “We are growing very, very quickly...Education has really been our first market and will continue to be our core and most important market.”


Did you know? zSpace was recently ranked #5 on the Silicon Valley Business Journal’s list of fastest growing private companies in Silicon Valley.

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