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What Will Learning Be Like in 20 Years?

What Will Learning Be Like in 20 Years?

We’re at an educational crossroads. In the past, most curricula were designed to prepare students for industrial age careers. Now, much of that work has been automated, and students of the future need to be prepared for the information age, where their value in the workplace will be defined less by the quantity of their output and more by the quality of their problem solving and creative thinking.

Passive learning, where students took notes and read textbooks, will be replaced with active learning, where students learn by doing and make foundational discoveries themselves. Here, teachers will become facilitators rather than lecturers. What once was the exception -- frog dissection in biology class, for example -- will become the norm.  Learning will be driven by curiosity, not memorization: students remember experiences, not phrases highlighted in a textbook. Encouraging students to make discoveries together leads to better collaboration and communication skills that will help them succeed in the workforce. All of that is to say: the school of the future will focus on developing engaging experiences that foster students’ natural curiosity in a collaborative setting.

A lot of changes are coming to STEM education as well. In the future art and entrepreneurship will join science, technology, engineering and mathematics to promote educational diversity and help students to pick a career they are truly passionate about.

See how Liberty County Schools fosters active learning in the classroom across all STEAM disciplines.


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