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Preparing Highly Skilled Welders with Mixed Reality

Preparing Highly Skilled Welders with Mixed Reality

Recent statistics on the lack of skilled employees in certain industries has caused a number of schools and training centers to reinvest in vocational and technical training programs. The need for welding training to prepare highly skilled welders for the workforce is one example. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Occupational Outlook Handbook, the demand for workers trained in the latest welding techniques and devices will benefit from higher pay and greater job security for welding-related trades.

Welding skills can be used in a variety of industries. “From shipbuilding, automobile and aerospace applications to the construction of buildings, bridges, and refineries, highly skilled welders are in high demand,” said Paul Kellenberger, president and CEO, zSpace.

To help expose students to and prepare them for careers in welding, zSpace recently partnered with Mimbus, a leader in vocational training solutions, to offer a new welding application and handheld simulator called Wave NG.

Using the new mixed reality application, students are taught the motions of professional welding including speed, space, straightness and orientation. The handheld simulator helps students to develop the muscular memory needed for professional welding. Compared to traditional welding training, programs using Wave NG for zSpace experienced:

  • 50 percent decrease in time needed for students to complete training

  • Up to 30 percent decrease in cost of consumables

  • Less risk of injury during training process

See how Wave NG prepares students for careers in welding in the video below.



Learn more about the new Wave NG application for zSpace mixed reality in this press release.

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