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Project-Based Learning at St. Charles Community Schools

Project-Based Learning at St. Charles Community Schools

Technology has become a very important part of our everyday lives. Technology has also become an increasingly important part of the classroom. Schools must select the right educational technology to prepare their students for 21st century careers.

An innovative school district in Michigan -- St. Charles Community Schools -- set up a Project-based Learning Lab to give their students hands-on learning experiences with technology. Project-based learning (PBL) allows students to explore complex ideas and questions through extended investigation. 

The Project-based Learning Lab features zSpace mixed reality technology, which allows students to learn STEM subjects using immersive images that they can move and manipulate in applications across a wide-range of standards-aligned curriculum. Every student at St. Charles Community Schools will have access to the mixed reality technology at some point in the school year in science class

“Offering 21st Century Learning is a school district and Board of Education goal, and zSpace has moved our delivery for our STEM platform to a new level” said Michael R. Decker, superintendent, St. Charles Community Schools.

zSpace recently designated St. Charles Community Schools as a District of Distinction for its desire and ability to showcase its use of zSpace mixed reality technology as a leader in STEM education and innovative use of technology for teaching and learning. As a zSpace District of Distinction, the school district and zSpace will collaborate and share best practices on cutting edge developments. Learn more: St. Charles Press Release

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