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Technology and Student Collaboration

Technology and Student Collaboration

Today technology is often blamed for making people anti-social. People prefer texting instead of making a phone call. Stand in a crowd or wait in a line, and many people will be looking at their phones.

But what about technology that can actually improve collaboration?

Mixed reality technology, like zSpace, offers an immersive experience that also allows for collaboration. Unlike using headset VR, which creates an isolating environment, students using zSpace are encouraged to work in teams of two or three to inquire, take risks, and solve problems. This student collaboration creates opportunity for academic conversations that are not always present in the classroom.

Collaboration is a useful skill that students can take to their future careers. A recent Forbes article about collaboration in the workplace states that “less than one-third of teams are engaged at work, and according to Gallup, a majority of workers "believe that their organization’s project performance would improve if their teams worked more collaboratively."’ By honing their collaborative skills in the classroom, these students may be better prepared for teamwork in their future jobs.

Ebeling Elementary science teacher Alexandra Lang uses zSpace with her students. She has seen some of her less vocal students really come out of their shells during collaborative assignments in the zSpace lab. Hear what she has to say in the video below.



Watch this video to see how other educators are using zSpace!

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