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The Case for Hands-On Learning


According to Forbes, 60% of managers claim that new graduates do not have the critical thinking and problem solving skills necessary for the job. Sounds like there is a missing link between what is taught in the classroom and the skills needed in the outside world.

One way to find this missing connection is through the hands-on approach. According to a study done at University of Chicago, hands-on projects activate multiple regions of the brain promoting deeper understanding and problem-solving.

Benefits of hands-on learning are more apparent in STEM education: students can build a functional understanding of difficult concepts and develop an ability to create and conduct their own experiments. Here are a few examples of hands-on learning with zSpace:

Duke Professor Maurizio Forte says, "zSpace can help enhance today's high school curriculum so students will come in to the university prepared to: creatively solve problems in the context of continuously changing circumstances, see beyond the facts, investigate and propose solutions to non-routine problems."

These virtual experiences train students to be curious and confident, skills that will extend far beyond the classroom and will ensure the success of students throughout any career.

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