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Tinker Toys of Today’s Generation: Join the Maker Movement with zSpace


Ding Ding. The clock strikes 8:00 am and children are in their seats. The bell tells you it’s time for 45 minutes of math class, going over Chapter 12, then off to science class to learn the scientific method.

This is how the average school day is laid out: rigidly structured by schedules and bells, paced by textbooks and chapters. But what if we allowed a creative space for our students to transform from passive learners into active creators?  

The Maker Movement is the shift to learning through firsthand experience. From tinkering with existing objects to coming up with one’s own idea, the maker movement encourages students to experiment, take risks, and play with their imagination.

By allowing kids to learn in non-linear and creative ways, we honor different styles of learning and empower students to break free from constraints of habitual thinking. Technologies enabling design, construction, and invention are the tinker toys and building blocks for today’s and tomorrow’s generations. These tools transform STEAM education using the basic human impulse to create.

By encouraging students to prototype, experiment, and innovate, Makerspaces create a new generation of creators, who will likely be inspired to start their own companies, design their own products, and make their dreams into reality.

Learn how to transform your classroom into a Makerspace with zSpace for Education.

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