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VR, AR, and zSpace


Virtual reality produces full immersion of its user, creating a computer-generated 3D virtual environment that is usually achieved through the use of headgear (goggles or headset).

Contrasting VR, augmented reality modifies the real world. It lays computer-generated images atop an existing reality and  enhances what users see, smell, and feel by adding graphics, sounds, and haptic feedback to the natural world. AR does not require bulky headgear, thus allowing users more freedom than VR.   

VR products on the market today usually come in the form of headsets and are purposed for gaming, while augmented reality is largely concentrated in apps for smartphones and other mobile devices and can be used for education and in the classroom.

While there are differences between the two, it is important to realize that there is a spectrum of reality and they are not mutually exclusive. There are products that skillfully blend the benefits of both. VR can provide full immersion, however can alienate the user from the real world, while AR can provide less immersion but can allow for collaboration

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are two of today’s hottest tech topics and by now you’re probably familiar with the terms; but we’re guessing you haven’t heard of ZR yet.

The zSpace solution is a unique blend of both VR and AR and is difficult to categorize because it provides a different kind of virtual experience than what you would envision. To get you more familiar with zSpace, here are 3 quick facts that set zSpace apart:

It’s collaborative

  • Because zSpace is a screen based reality system, rather than a head mounted display, the product does not take you out of your surrounding environment. This allows users the ability to share their virtual experiences with the person next to them and still have full awareness of the world around them.

It allows you to move freely

  • Most virtual reality products on the market today are bulky headsets that strap onto users’ heads. These contraptions pose various limitations on users. zSpace’s product is a desktop computer that comes with sleek, lightweight glasses that allow users the ability to move freely without being blinded to the outside world or being connected to wires.

It allows you to manipulate objects, make mistakes, and go back and change actions/repeat experiment

For more information, listen to Steve Kingsley-Jones, Director of Product Marketing, talk about VR, AR, and zSpace in this podcast!

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