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What Educators can Learn from Pokémon GO

What Educators can Learn from Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO has captured the attention of millions across the globe at lightning speed-- no really, have you ever seen a crowd of people storming through a park trying to capture a rare Vaporeon? (in case you haven’ this video).

The new game has revolutionized the gaming world using the magic of Augmented Reality. But what if this amazing technology could be harnessed to attract and engage students in science, math, anatomy and more, in the same way it does with Pokémon?

The zSpace desktop uses a blend of both VR and AR to make learning come to life. As evidenced by the gaming app, this technology has the powerful effect of engrossing kids and you can use it to your advantage in the classroom!

To learn how you can experience zSpace in your school, check out the zSpace Tour!

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