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Important: zSpace App Manager must be updated before the most recent application updates will be available.

STEM Education
  • zSpace Newton’s Park

    Support for Newton's Park
    About Newton's Park
    A physics playground designed for investigation: Design, build, run and analyze experiments to explore Newton's laws. Newton's park is available by downloading zSpace App Manager.

  • zSpace Studio

    Support for Studio
    About Studio
    zSpace Studio is made for exploration. Thousands of models and tools to measure, dissect and compare.

  • zSpace Franklin’s Lab

    Support for Franklin's Lab
    About Franklin's Lab
    Build circuits and troubleshoot broken circuits in a rich simulation environment.

  • zSpace Curie’s Elements

    Support for Curie's Elements
    About Curie's Elements
    This interactive periodic table has Bohr and atomic (orbital) models of each element, visualization of trends in the periodic table, an atom builder and learning activities. Details for each element are also included. Curie's Elements is available for download through the zSpace App Manager.

  • zSpace Euclid’s Shapes

    Support for Euclid's Shapes
    About Euclid's Shapes
    Euclid's Shapes offers learning activities with math manipulatives and provides access to manipulatives for teachers to guide math learning. Engage with Base 10 blocks, Rainbow Cubes (which can also be snap cubes), Square Tiles, Pattern Blocks and Fraction Bars in zSpace today! Euclid's Shapes is available for download through the zSpace App Manager.

Demos and Games
  • zSpace Experience

    Support for zSpace Experience
    zSpace Experience is a demo application to highlight some of the features of zSpace and is provided free of charge. zSpace Experience can be downloaded using zSpace App Manager.

  • Let’s Cook

    Slice, roll, and shred to prepare a pizza. Let's Cook can be downloaded using zSpace App Manager.

  • Planet Attack

    A true 3D twist on the classic video game. Experience an extra dimension of challenge! Planet Attack can be downloaded using zSpace App Manager.

  • Stand Alone Demo

    Stand Alone Demo to run zSpace in a Kiosk mode. Stand Alone Demo can be downloaded using the zSpace App Manager.

  • Aquarium

    Take yourself under water to feed tropical fish and relax while watching them swim from Aquarium. Aquarium can be downloaded using zSpace App Manager.

  • zSpace Tennis

    Get your paddle ready! Play solo or with a friend on another zSpace system. zSpace Tennis can be downloaded using zSpace App Manager.

  • Leopoly 3D

     Support and release notes
     About Leopoly
    Leopoly is an easy to use 3D modeling platform and application. Leopoly is a tool to let everyday people jump into the 3D printing ecosystem, browse among thousands of objects and customize or create their own designs within seconds. Leopoly can be downloaded using zSpace App Manager.

Partner and 3rd Party
Development Tools

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