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STEM Education
  • zSpace Euclid’s Shapes

    Rainbow Cubes, Fraction Bars, Pattern Blocks, Base 10 Blocks and Square Tiles for creating math learning experiences.

  • zSpace Curie’s Elements

    This interactive periodic table has Bohr and atomic models of each element and an atom builder and learning activities.

  • zSpace Studio

    zSpace Studio is made for exploration. Thousands of models and tools to measure, dissect and compare.

  • Franklin’s Lab

    Build circuits and troubleshoot broken circuits in a rich simulation environment.

  • zSpace Newton’s Park

    A physics playground designed for investigation: Design, build, run and analyze experiments to explore Newton’s laws.

Development Tools
  • Server-Side VRPN

    The server is used for passing zSpace tracker targets’ (polarized eye glasses, stylus and secondary device) position, orientation and button states to client, and for capturing LED and haptic feedback from the client.

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