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Medical Learning

An Immersive Medical Learning Platform

From anatomical representation to procedural planning, zSpace brings a new dimension to medical learning and visualization.

Teaching With zSpace

  • Gross Anatomy VR Lab

    Explore over 13,000 anatomical objects by systems and regions using accurate Anatomica Termilogica. This is the perfect solution to augment or replace an existing cadaver lab.

  • Teaching Presentation View

    Using our zView technology, the educator can share the teaching experience with the class via a standard project, white board, or HD TV.

  • DICOM Viewer

    This powerful DICOM image viewer will volumetrically render 2D DICOM slices, producing rich representations in zSpace.

Our Software Partners

  • Cyber Anatomy Med VR for medical learning

    Cyber Anatomy Med VR is used by health professionals and students at every level to show and learn anatomy.

  • EchoPixel True 3D for medical learning

    EchoPixel True 3D creates medical visualization solutions to optimize clinical efficacy and workflow.

  • NGRAIN Locus for medical learning

    NGRAIN Locus is the world’s first readily accessible immersive 3D stereoscopic medical viewer.

  • Human Anatomy Atlas for zSpace for medical learning

    Human Anatomy Atlas by Visible Body is an award-winning human anatomy general reference.

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