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Authorized Resellers - International

Re-Sale of zSpace® Products by Unauthorized Resellers

zSpace, Inc. is committed to selling quality products and providing customer support by properly trained service representatives. To maintain control over the quality of our products and services, and the integrity of our brand, we permit distribution and service of our products only through authorized resellers.

Recently, it has come to our attention that a number of unauthorized resellers are offering our products for sale on the Internet and through other distribution channels. We are unsure as to how our products are making their way into the hands of these unauthorized resellers. Products sold by unauthorized resellers may be stolen, used, refurbished, discontinued and/or pirated. Certain of these practices are illegal. We are investigating any such sales that come to our attention, and taking serious efforts to stop these sales.

Be aware that if you purchase from such a source, you may not be getting a quality zSpace® product. Further, only products that we can verify as authentic and which originated from an authorized source will be covered under our warranty and service policies. Should you choose to purchase a product from an unauthorized source, you will not have any recourse for the product functioning, factory warranty, service and more. In certain cases, if we obtain products returned for service that we determine are not authentic or not from an authorized source such products may be subject to confiscation.

Unauthorized Resellers

The following is a list of certain sellers that we have been made aware of and who are not authorized to resell our products. If you find a suspicious zSpace reseller that does not appear on the list below, please send the information to sales@zspace.com.