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Students in CMU’s Entertainment Technology Graduate Program Create 3-D Immersive Games


CMU’s Entertainment Technology students develop applications on zSpace platform for interactive entertainment

Sunnyvale, CA, June 4, 2014 – Students in Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center graduate program are developing 3-D immersive games with support from zSpace. Through the use of the Unity development platform, students create gaming experiences where players feel like they are inside of the game on zSpace. The zSpace® platform provides a highly realistic visualization experience that enables users to directly interact with virtual objects as if they were real physical objects.

Last fall, students in the program presented their demo applications to an open house of numerous local industry leaders from Electronic Arts, alums of ETC, zSpace, the Army and Navy, and a number of other companies. One team, “Zimension”developed a game where the player saves helpless bunnies from hungry foxes, drawing bubbles to move the bunnies to safe zones.

“The synergy that occurs when CMU’s creative entertainment technology graduate students bring their creative ideas to life on zSpace is amazing,” said Paul Kellenberger, Chief Executive Officer, zSpace. “Their designs take gaming to the next level, immersing players in a virtual world of challenges.”

To show their application to an audience of playtesters, the team set up two zSpace systems with multiple pairs of 3D glasses so that two people can experience live stereo 3D with head tracking and two other people can watch them play from the side. The Zimension team also set up a large monitor with zSpace’s “zView” application which allows people to see what the actual player on the zSpace is experiencing by using a unique augmented reality application. From the playtesters, students took down notes carefully for future improvement of the games. Students also gained advice on personal and professional development and career opportunities.

The ETC-Silicon Valley campus is located at Electronic Arts in Redwood City, California. This semester, 28 ETC students are working on four projects under the guidance of Carl Rosendahl, Jiyoung Lee, and Salvador Barrera. Spending a semester in Silicon Valley puts ETC students in touch with the movers and shakers of video gaming, animation, and other aspects of digital media.

“The ETC creates an educational environment in which interdisciplinary students acquire collaboration, creativity and communication expertise while applying their artistic and technical skills through design-based research projects,” said Carl Rosendahl, Associate Teaching Professor/Co-Director ETC-SV and former founder of Pacific Data Images, now PDI/DreamWorks.“The zSpace platform and wonderful technical team has allowed our students to create interactive games in 3D with ease.”

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