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zSpace Planet Attack

zSpace Planet Attack

This real-time strategy game can be difficult to master.  Practice against the computer and when you’re ready, take on up to 3 other human opponents over the Internet.


Primary Stylus Button –   Select your planet(s) to launch an attack

Left Stylus Button - Select target planet

Right Stylus Button – Zoom and rotate the galaxy to see all the planets.

Spacebar – Pause and view help screen

‘ESC’ – Go back to previous menu, Exits when at main menu

And Much More - Go through the online Help at the main menu to learn all controls, including advanced actions and keyboard shortcuts.


The strategy can become quite involved.   Decide what percentage of your ships to attack with and from how many planets.  If you send too many, your planets will be vulnerable to counterattack.   Larger planets generate ships more quickly.  You can wait to generate more ships before attacking, but keep an eye on the score - both number of planets and population of your opponents is important.  

Once you fall behind, it can be very difficult to catch up.  Try to eliminate opponents completely by focusing your attacks.  Just make sure don’t ignore someone and allow them to become too strong.  Multiplayer Mode – You must be connected to the Internet to play others live.   Put in your name and “Connect”.  You’ll connect to anyone else looking for a game.  If you are the Game Host, you can set the difficultly level of the computer opponents.  The Host can start the game at any time, with computer opponents filling in slots not filled by humans.  Up to four people can play at once.  Check the “Private” box if you want to connect to a certain person.  Give the room a name, tell your opponent the name of the room, and they will be able to connect to you by checking “private” and entering the same room name.

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