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Technology Integration with Autodesk Tinkercad

Technology Integration with Autodesk Tinkercad

“CAD” is a term being used more and more by students, teachers, and anyone else who loves to create things. The acronym stands for “Computer Animated Design” and is essentially a way of modeling a three dimensional product using a computer.

Autodesk Tinkercad is a browser based platform which allows users to express their creativity through CAD and to plan their projects before the building process. While users are currently able to pan through and manipulate these plans in two dimensions, they lack the ability to view their designs as they would appear in the real world. When working with a two dimensional platform, it is difficult to understand how deeply one incorrect measurement can alter a project. Younger students, in particular, may find it difficult to understand how their project will look after construction without the ability to view their designs in a three dimensional workspace.

On April 3rd, zSpace announced a technology integration with Tinkercad allowing students to visualize and collaborate on designs in zSpace’s immersive 3D environment. Students are now able to launch their Tinkercad models in zSpace’s application, Studio with the click of a button, giving them the ability to tilt, lift, and collaborate on designs before they are brought to life or sent to a 3D printer. This will inevitably save time, energy, and materials in the process of building with CAD.

“Together with Autodesk, we are offering students a way to visualize their designs in a totally immersive learning environment,” said Paul Kellenberger, CEO of zSpace. “Our innovative platform for AR/ learning, combined with ’s 3D and modeling tool, school and STEAM Labs with a collaborative approach to sharing and creating.”

“By helping users visualize creative designs in an AR/VR environment, this new integration from Autodesk and zSpace offers the user a more accurate representation of the design,” said Guillermo Melantoni, product line manager, Autodesk. “By teaming up with , we’re excited to be a part of bringing new forms of making to the next generation of designers, both in the classroom and beyond.” (Reilly Dennedy) 

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